Ten Best Lists



As patently silly as it is to list Top 10, or 'best' films, as arbitrary as it inevitably must be, there comes a time to set some markers. The listed films are Filmycks favourites, a certified solid-gold viewing experience for fans of the site. The intention is to give credible nominations in many areas, hopefully to round out anyone's 'must see' wish list.

Cinema is a broad church, and there is much to explore, hopefully these lists help.
*Where a Filmycks review is completed a link will eventually be attached, or thumbnail sketches will be provided in the interim.

Let the Top 10 silliness begin..... 

The below are the winners of all the categories grouped together to get Overall best, and then a Foreign language section as a separate best, and two films overlapped.

My Best Film of All Time - Jean Renoir's immortal, La Règle du Jeu ,  The Rules of The Game.


Ten Best Films of All Time

1. The Rules of the Game
2. Lawrence of Arabia
3. Raging Bull
4. Jules et Jim
5. Casablanca
6. 2001 A Space Odyssey
7. The Searchers
8. The Thirty-Nine Steps
9. 8 ½
10. Double Indemnity

Ten Best Foreign Language Films of All Time

1. The Rules of the Game
2. The 400 Blows
3. Rashomon
4. 8 1/2
5. The Seventh Seal 
6. L'Avventura
7. Solaris
8. A Man Escaped
9. Cinema Paradiso
10. Bicycle Thieves 
 = 10. Downfall

In keeping with the Filmycks charter of promoting outstanding French films to English speaking audiences, I have provided three separate Ten Best sub-genre lists here; 

Ten Best Poetic Realist Films

1. La Règle du jeu  (The Rules of The Game)
2. Le Quai Des Brumes  (Port of Shadows)
3. La Bête Humaine  (The Human Beast)
4. Les Enfants Du Paradis
5. L'Atalante
6. La Grande Illusion
7. Les Bas-Fonds  (The Lower Depths)
8. Pepe Le Moko
9. Le Jour se lève  (Daybreak)
10. Hôtel du Nord

Ten Best Nouvelle Vague Films

1. Jules et Jim
2. The 400 Blows
3. Hiroshima, Mon Amour
4. Breathless
5. Les Amants
6. Le Mepris
7. Bande A Parte
8. Le Feu Follet
9. Une Femme Mariée
10. Moderato Cantabile

Ten Best Post Nouvelle Vague French Films

1. Au Revoir Les Enfants
2. The White Ribbon
3. Amelie
4. Army of Shadows
5. White Material
6. La Cérémonie
7. The Hedgehog
8. Time of the Wolf
9. Criminal Lovers
10. Joyeux Noël

And from our British film expert Johnny Socha,

 Top Ten British Realist Films of All Time

1. Kes – Ken Loach
2. Ratcatcher – Lynne Ramsay
3. Made in Britain – Alan Clarke
4. Saturday Night, Sunday Morning – Karel Reisz
5. This Sporting Life – Lindsay Anderson
6. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner – Tony Richardson
7. Billy Liar – John Schlesinger
8. My Childhood - Bill Douglas
9. Bronco Bullfrog – Barney Platts-Mills
10. Love on the Dole – John Baxter