Filmycks is a site launched in October 2012, aimed at providing passionate insight and information about quality cinema from every era.

Filmycks is particularly keen to champion films that explore an existential idea, particularly Poetic Realism, a genre that existed in the 1930's and 1940's in France, as many of the ideas and moods that were represented in that movement are still the most profound and satisfying ever put on celluloid.

Filmycks is owned and operated by Michael Roberts and technically designed and supported by Paul Roberts via Springhead Web.

Michael is a Sydney based musician, an ex-Tasmanian, and has been writing about film for several years, responding to an impulse that grew out of wanting to explore what it was about certain films that engaged him. "There's nothing like writing down your thoughts to actually tease out of yourself why you respond to a certain film, in sometimes surprising ways".

Filmycks welcomes guest contributor's Johnny Socha from the UK, and Robert Regan from the USA.

Johnny writes - "My background is as a lifelong film fan coupled with an academic grounding (MA). I have a penchant for British films, especially the work of Powell and Pressburger, but have read about, watched and enjoyed a wide variety of World, European and Hollywood cinema – old and new. Great cinematic moments are too numerous to mention, but three that immediately spring to mind are: watching '2001: a Space Odyssey' on 70mm Super Cinerama; the first time I saw Abel Gance’s 'Napoleon'; and, whilst running a film society, putting on a seasonal showing of 'It's A Wonderful Life' in a small village hall, when snow began to fall outside".

Robert writes about his love of film - "The first movie I remember seeing is Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound.  There are two reasons why this stuck in my memory.  The first is that I was astounded by the single Technicolor "shot" in a black and white film.  The second is because I asked my mother how Ingrid Bergman could be here and across the street at the same time.  She wisely explained that movies are not real but are like snapshots that are made to appear to move.  I learned from her to love movies and to not confuse art with reality.  When I was about twenty, all my favorite films had sub-titles.  Today, though I see and love many films from many countries, many of which have inter-titles, I favor the cinema of my homeland, the USA, and I no longer consider Hollywood to be a dirty word".

Michael is based in Sydney and Paul in Hobart and welcome any constructive comments or feedback at  contact@filmycks.com


 COMING SOON : Short critical assessments available as e-book downloads aimed at film students.

As the data base builds, some key thoughts about the giants of world cinema will be collected into detailed and short e-books.
Where the Director's Suite is an overview, the expanded essays will be more involved in commenting on style and technique.
........ patience grasshopper.


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